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Online PR Media in 2015

In 2015, online marketing world has changed a lot. There are various types of media for online marketers to select for their clients. Some of the media are used directly as it is initially designed. However, some have been transformed into the usages that users find more convenient.

  1. Facebook

    In 2015, Facebook becomes a customer service panel. People prefer talking to personal messages, post to wall or comments on page posts than getting helps from emails. This will not only allow customer service staffs to solve the problem directly, but also open the chances to keep them engaged with the brand. Likeable posts and answers are the key of success for this platforms which will also include just-in-time mentalities.

  2. Instagram

    In 2015, IG is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce. Since the platform is mostly opened especially from famous users to engage with them, some people use the opportunity to announce their products. In this case, images do say thousands of words.

  3. Website

    While some of the brands deny to have a website of its own, the channel does play important roles for creditability, visibilities and passive customer services. Brands with websites ensure people the existence of the brand, which may lead to the beginning of business conversation. Moreover, gaining visibility from the search engine means the PR is done passively. With good website structure, search engines will be allowed to index and provide the website as one of their search results, which will lead to more visitors. Finally, for people who prefer looking up themselves, having relevant information on the website reduces the load from customer service side.

  4. Line

    Line especially in Asia becomes the most preferable communication platform. People from every age range feel comfortable picking up their mobile phone, chat, send images or share interesting stories on either their timeline or their group. Adopting the platform will open the gate for more customers to engage with the brand. Furthermore, the application like Line@ allows multiple users to join the same conversations as the brand representative.

Choosing the right media at the right time always be the key to engage with your current and new customers. Do it wisely!

5+1 Reasons why B2B and Social Media Marketing make sense together

At PR Media 360 we create custom strategies around our clients business needs, that’s why we decided to focus on developing advanced strategies for our B2B clients using Social Media as a propulsion engine for the Digital Marketing Activities.

The common question we get is: “Are you sure Social Media are working for B2B?!” Our answer is “well, yes it does!”, here listed below there are 5 basic reason why Socials matters for B2B companies and why it’s not a B2C prerogative tool:

  1. CREATE AWARENESS – A Social Media strategy is a great companion for a well done SEM long term strategy, the goal is to gain visibility aimed to create relationships with other businesses online, connections that before could remotely happen.
  2. AUTHORITY BUILDING – Social platforms are awesome channels for Authority building, by planning and then sharing fresh professional looking contents like infographics, videos, white papers, webinars and so on something magical can happen… Be the master of your industry!
  3. REAL TIME CUSTOMER SERVICE – At our agency we often experienced this evolution of the social platforms as a communication channel between businesses, Social platforms are in fact awesome real time communication hubs. That requires by the way a proper training and a strategized integration into current Customer Service department.
  4. TRANSACTIONS BOOSTING FACTOR – We also noticed among our B2B clients that within the first period of social activities something moved quiet automatically by increasing in most of case transactions from 20% to 40%.
  5. MEN-POWER – An active social activity mixed with a good online visibility can also work as a pole of attraction for skilled and key professionals, so often for many companies find the right skilled professional for a determined position is a pretty tough task, by having a social position online can absolutely help.

We suggest for every company to start with LinkedIn as we noticed a ratio of Engagement and Conversion almost 300% higher than Facebook and Twitter activities; LinkedIn is the professional network for excellence, don’t miss it and don’t be blinded by popular platform, in the B2B case professional matters.

EXTRA, INTERNAL SOCIAL SOLUTIONS: Social Enterprises platforms, often called social business, can give a fresh new way to employers to connect fast and easily cooperate in the work processes, platforms like Yammer or customized WordPress solutions can give awesome results and increasing the level of work accuracy cutting costs and time.

Facebook Graph Search, Limitations and Comparisons

Searching for people that like coffee or a hotel in London that your friends like? Facebook is giving now the possibility to search for this kind of interpersonal results by releasing their newest search algorithm based on Open Graph. Technically it’s a very interesting engine that use the database that naturally grew during the past years. At Menlo Park everybody seems pretty excited about this but is it a game changing factor for Facebook? Well, in my opinion not really. There are actually some elements that could be very useful for marketers and professionals but for the everyday users the search experience could seems a bit clumsy and most importantly limited… here’s why…

What you can actually do with Graph search is to search for matching data from the Facebook profiles, search for likes and search for check-ins, nothing much more. At the moment you can search things like if one of your friend liked a pub that you would like to go too, or if there is for example someone on Facebook that graduated from the same university as you in the same year. it’s pretty clear that comparing this “search engine” to Google at this stage is still practically impossible and far from reality. What disappointed me the most after the launch of the platform is that there are not many search options for pictures (and there are many pictures out there!), a lot of potential that is still unused.

Just For exemplify: How many of your friends clicked like on “Dogs”? but how many really like dogs? this is exactly the problem with the “Like” engine database, reality and so real life is not actually related to likes, that makes the search kind of limited and not precise.

Another big disappointment came from geo location, what can help to know if your friend checked in at a restaurant but then you don’t know if he really liked and if he has any comment on that? Facebook team must work a lot on this crucial point.

Another problem is directly in contrast with Google, we are commonly asking questions of every type to Google that are commonly answered by the search engine enough accurately, Facebook has a different kind of search based on people’s informations that could be tricky for those how are new to this kind of search, maybe also a bit clumsy for many.

vs. YELP
As mentioned before the distance between Yelp and Facebook Graph Search is huge, the level of reviews and ratings is different as day and night, I think this should be one of the priorities for the Facebook team to create a geolocation search that gives informations about the business and not only about the check in itself.

Searching for professionals on Facebook it’s actually an exciting and interesting features, of course the level of accuracy is not comparable to LinkedIn’s one but Graph Search is about people, and so it’s Facebook, and there are great margins for this kind of professionals seeking to grow.

Many are already starting to use the new search method of Facebook as a match making engine, I didn’t studied actually the cases but what’s interesting is that at least people are trying to use Graph Search in many different and sometimes innovative ways, thing that could be , maybe, in the long term a successful factor for Facebook’s search engine… stay tuned!

A Digital Marketing Business Trip – Sukhothai

A business trip it’s a serious thing, it requires a lot of concentration and dynamic understanding of the situation that is in front of us especially if the goal of the trip is to sign some contracts or find new customers. This is just a small guide based on PR Media 360 Business trip at Sukhothai, Thailand, a mix of dynamic need-finding and innovative Digital Marketing application.

The preparation is a crucial task, all details must be set before leaving, not only tickets and reservations but all clients and contacts informations too, try to organise all your visits on Google maps before leaving. In case the trip gives you some free time it’s good practice to create a list of potential business visits to do just in case.
Before leaving keep your goals crystal clear in your mind, if necessary write them down on your agenda or on your notes.

Of course some proper dresses are necessary but in this case I will focus on technology that must be in your bag.
-Be sure to have all the rechargers needed, also if you have an external battery for your mobile or a car recharger that could save your life!
-Laptop, tablet and mobile are must have devices, if you have one take an e-reader with you too, that can be pretty useful specially for long distance trips.
-Don’t take a camera if you don’t really need it for some specific tasks, a smartphone can do the pictures taking job very well for most of cases.
-Paper and Pen are always evergreen items in your bag.
-The number of business cards should be enough.

Now that the trip has begun concentration is the key factor, to find or just keep a customer for your Digital Marketing Agency requires a lot of skills and attention. If you meet the client (or potential one) for the first time you must be a chameleon ready to understand his/her psychologically and find all the needs that will fit or solve his/her business problems online. Keep yourself dynamic by checking details all around, sometimes that can be a winning point.
When getting around be careful if you are driving in a foreigner country, don’t trust too much navigators and Google Maps, the locations are often pinned wrongly so call before or ask around are always good practices.

As we said before free time can be used for visiting local attractions but it can be also be used to find new business opportunities, explore local businesses and create connections with local entrepreneurs.

Here we have decided to show just some pictures of PR Media 360 latest Business Trip at Sukhothai, a very precious work experience and an opportunity for us to grow and meet awesome and very hospitable local entrepreneurs.

Sukhothai TripSukhothai TripSukhothai TripSukhothai TripSukhothai TripSukhothai TripSukhothai TripSukhothai Trip

PENGUIN 2.0 Wrap up, 6 tips to pet the penguin!

May 22nd 2013 represent a crucial date for many SEO’s professionals, in fact google penguin 2.0 algorithm changed the search results once and for all giving huge advantages to those who started focusing on contents since Panda and penalizing those wearing a black hat.

So, how to avoid penalties and be ready to pet the Penguin? Here there are 6 easy tips:

    Absolutely no! Link Building is alive more than ever, with some exceptions… First of all what matters now it’s quality and not quantity, be careful of the PR and the outgoing links from the page, also from now on a link should be contextual to your website, avoid low quality payed links and try to focus on natural ones.
    Be meticulous while optimizing your website, create and study a proper strategy for your niche keywords and port the right corrections to your website contents and METAs, also don’t forget Robots.txt and a Sitemap, those are timeless elements.The goal while creating a website is to create a proper environment for spiders, means that the structure of a website should be clear and easy to navigate, avoid too many internal links and labyrinth’s effects.
    Google’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics are 2 free tools that can tell you a lot of things about the health of your Website and what to do in case things are getting bad like Detect bad links and detox your website and index and keywords analysis, in addition to this we suggest you to run a free SEO report at Woorank.com
    Keep in touch with your customers and create a likable online image of your brand on all platforms, creating engagement is a great way to create natural links and of course a great return on investment, of course unlike black hat activities this practice require a lot time and creativity.
    Authority is the key, you must demonstrate to Google and its “audience” that your website is the master of a determinate topic and/or keywords set.
    A deep keywords study, of course including niche keywords, is a must before develop whichever content, be professional and detailed but never abuse of keywords, that never pays back.
    SEO/SEM require a long term strategy on the back, without a tactic you are out! Be on the top requires a lot of efforts and hard work, better if teamwork, to see some movements you will need to wait some months so don’t trust those that promise to take you to the number one within few weeks, be patient and focused.

Easy right? Well maybe not very but by just following those 6 tips you will be already on the right search path. Be Relevant!!!

A Google Reader Farewell and 6 valid alternatives

Once again Google is ready to shut down one of their products, but this time it’s not a niche one that most of users neither listened of it before but we are talking about one of their oldest and most used online tool: Google Reader.

On July 1st the famous RSS reader will leave his loyal users without a powerful tool for everyday update and custom news management, which are now the best alternatives to Google Reader? Let’s make the point and be ready to move on guys!

  1. Flipboard: Actually for those like me that are using Google Reader RSS feeds for most of the times on Flipboard things won’t change at all, in fact if you log-in with your Google account before July 1st things will be saved there forever and you won’t have to change your habits, isn’t that’s priceless?!

    For those who will be late Flipboard represent still a valid alternative to Reader, the News are displayed in a very elegant and well organised way, for most this is the best daily update and news reader solution.One of the bad part of Flipboard is that is not reachable through desktop yet, it’s limited on Mobile and Tablet only.

  2. Feedly: Another good replacement tool is Feedly, it improved a lot during the years, specially after the news spread by Google, now it’s possible to import Google’s feed and keep it on the platform forever. Personally I am not very fascinated by their displayed graphic but the fact that it’s visible on every platform, mobile and desktop, makes Feedly one of the most powerful RSS readers available, in fact just during June 2013 the user base tripled and reached 12 Million active users.
  3. Digg Reader: This tool is born just because of the Google’s decision to kill Reader, actually is a very young application that could anyway understand and properly replace Google’s news reader soul and fix a couple of limitations on the platform. In my point of view it came out a bit late giving the possibility to other platform to catch the migrating users earlier but it’s still a good alternative which is also interesting to follow up and see how will be improved for the near future.
  4. AOL Reader: AOL? For real? well yes. It’s been a while since I even thought about AOL but they are here once again this time thanks to Google’s internal decisions… the reader is pretty similar conceptually to Google’s one, there are some good options on the visualisation side. Not very exciting but still a decent RSS reader.
  5. Curata: Not exactly An alternative for everyone, Curata is a good solutions for professionals and journalists, I often described this application as a RSS Manager than a RSS reader because of its powerful filters. If Feeds are serious thing for your job give Curata a try.
  6. MultiPLX: Maybe the newest service available, surely one of the most interesting. It borrowed Pinterest concept and graphic to be adapted on RSS news feeds, for now in beta version it’s an interesting reality specially on the social part and environment.

Google’s decision to shut down Reader created a lot of enthusiasm around RSS and many new products born just to fulfil the space left, was that a good idea to close a useful service as Reader? I really don’t think so, there is a huge users base that from one day to another will have to switch to a new platform, the 6 alternatives above should be very thankful to whoever made this hasty decision at Google.

Instagram vs Vine: The video clips war has begun!

On June 20th 2013 Facebook announced Instagram videos to compete directly with Twitter’s Vine on the short video clips creation and share… so what’s the main difference between Instagram video functionality and Vine? what’s the aftermath on Vine side? let’s analyse all the differences and let’s try to proclaim a winner in this clash of short clips titans:

Vine Sooting UIInstagram Video UI


Instagram: 15 Seconds
Vine: 6 Seconds
Vine’s limitations of time are completely blown away with the 15″ of Instagram, new possibilities and solutions are now available for normal users and of course for marketers.


Another winning point for Instagram videos is the possibility to add filters and frames to the videos with the same process used for photo filters, Vine on its side has not yet developed any filters option and is still light years away on this particular feature.


For the Video taking process Vine offers still a better solution, tap anywhere is much more user friendly than the press the button solution developed by Instagram.


Both Apps allow you to use both front and rear cameras but what’s different is the way the camera is used, Instagram created a very clever image stabilization option called Cinema Feature which aims to create professional looking videos fixing the shaky Vine’s ones. On both sides there is no possibility yet to import videos… that’s a huge miss from both platforms


There are many differences on this point, Instagram seems to have some jobs to do on performances and desktop visualisation, Vine is still the only app that let video loop and render a fast auto play on their stream, so the viewer experience is still slightly bette on Twitter’s product.


Instagram: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Geolocation and Mail
Vine: Facebook, Twitter, Geolocation and Embed


Not yet sure those 2 platforms are the right one for you? let’s see some Instagram Video and Vines alternatives:

  1. Viddy: 30 seconds videos processing, possibility to add videos from camera roll, possibly the best alternative.
  2. Klip: 1 minute clips with the possibility of import videos from camera roll and youtube, 11 nice filters to add.
  3. Mobil: Similar to Instagram, pictures and clips share with the possibility to add filters.
  4. GifBoom: hey guys, gifs are still alive…
  5. SocialCam: popular in some countries it’s still a decent solution specially on the share side.


Bad news for Vine, Instagram developed a good alternative way of sharing short videos within their pictures share platform, that will surely give a break to the growth of Vine that anyway will continue to keep and attract a large number of users and won’t die under Instagram hits at least not in a short period of time, so what’s the next step? For Vine surely a huge update is needed… and by the way let’s remember that we are talking about Facebook and Twitter, the battle is just begun!

6 tips to switch Hotels Digital Marketing from passive to active

One of the biggest problems between Hotels and their guests is the Technological generation gap among them, guests are aware about all technological changes in real time no matters if we are talking about SEO, OTAs or simply social networks and co., Hotels on their side often are monumentally still into early 2000s practices not really ready to embrace new opportunities. Here there are 6 simple tips for all of those Hoteliers that would like to give a radical update to their Digital marketing Strategy:


Website-Centric strategy for Hotels1. Be Website-Centric

The Website is your online Facade, the centre of your online presence. Sadly too often Hotels use OTAs or Facebook Pages as their main channel… So, how to improve your website and optimize it to reach the goal?

  • The website should represent your hotel/brand both graphically and conceptually
  • Content is King, develop unique texts that represent your hotel’s model and philosophy
  • A great on site Booking platform is essential, some platforms like for example Xcaliber are very dynamic solutions build all around the specific needs of the hotel. OTAs are important, but your own booking system should be more.
  • SEO, SEM and PR Online: Build constantly relationships online, think always on the long period.

2. Return on Engagement(ROE) = Return on Investment(ROI)

Get your guests, or potential ones, engaged with your hotels is one of the most challenging parts of your Online Marketing Journey, so how to keep in touch or attract guests within the hotel’s online system?

  • Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are awesome channels of communication and visibility, the key is to develop innovative strategies and being active, that will require a lot of efforts and of course a dedicated customer service representative.
  • Email Marketing is also one of the best solutions, well… maybe the best, to keep in touch with your guests, Design + Interesting contents/Promotions are the Engagement factors.
  • Advertising on AdWords or similar platforms could be inexpensive and easy solutions to drive new potential guests directly to your website.
  • Tripadvisor became the most popular website for travellers, every Hotel should be active on that as well.
  • Be sure to be fundable on local geolocated searches as Google Maps and similar services.

3. Default VIP standards for all

No matters to who or within which platform, the way your hotel communicate online should always be outstanding and professional, treat every Guest or potential guest online as a VIP .

4. In House Solutions

Nowadays a hotel should provide by default a decent level of technological services as free wifi or in room docks, but what could be innovated?

  • PPV and old school on demand movies systems are not charming solutions anymore, new services of Movies streaming like Netflix or Hulu, online tv, Internet radio if applied to the in room entertainment can improve the guest experience to a like-at-home standard.
  • Play with promotions and geo-located check-ins on social platforms like Foursquare, good Gamification is fun!
  • Reward your guests with coupons and promo code

5. A close eye on your competitors

This is a role play game, act to be engaged with your competitors online, subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on social platforms, see how they move and how you can do better.

6. Statistics = Feedbacks

The last tip is strictly analytical, no matters if things are going good or not but your online statistics are the most powerful status feedbacks that you can actually have. Learn how to contextualize Google Analytics reports, you will then understand the path to choose, the ones to avoid, what to keep and what to change.

Web tools for huge product database website.

Handling a website with big product database can be very challenging especially if there are changes with product specification coming frequently. The web administrator, required to understand HTML, have to spend a large amount proportions of his/her working hours to take care of them.

Ordinary Website Management Process

The concept of this tool is to separate the website management into 2 parts, web design and data management. The web design part consists of a small number of templates shared among product pages. The job of having to management hundreds of web pages is reduced to only 10 – 20 templates, ready to fill with data from the other part. The data management part, on the other hand, is by a simple web forms, which can be managed by non-IT staffs.

Data Management and Template System

The system allows web administrators to easily take care of the website full of rapid-changing data while reducing the cost of data management.

Although it is suitable for all types of products, the system is specifically useful for automotive website. Having so many categories for their specification, the vehicle database can easily

be managed. The majority of maintain jobs, updating vehicle details, can be handled by a non-IT staff while the web developer can focus on designing templates to make the website look beautiful.

Data Management and Template System

The example of this system is the WordPress plug-in for Land Rover website. The system is integrated smoothly with one of the most famous web platform allowing the web manager to work on the look-and-feel rather than having to spend almost the whole working hour changing HTML codes for each page. This plug-in, developed by PR Media 360, can fit into any types of products, not only for vehicle database and can be the answer for any sizes of businesses.