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About Us

About us

PR Media 360 focus on making medias for public relation such as websites, Facebook fan pages, twitter, blogs and/or mobile applications with the aspect of customer database as the center of activities. We believe that effective marketing campaigns for a brand should come from the proper analysis of its customer database.

Established in February 2012, we are ready to help businesses to make more visibility of their services and products.

We also open for any IT related projects to enhance not only the marketing side but also the product side to help business owners.


As experienced IT and marketing experts, we believe great technology should serve people and fit well with their life styles. We are aiming to produce excellent products that understand and be able to evolve with the changes of the world. Moreover, we are excited to see great services and products gain more visibility.

Since good products and services require understanding of user needs, we believe communication is the key to archive that. We are looking forward to working closely with our clients by providing 24-7 contact point to make sure we deliver what they want. Furthermore, we will continue provide all sources of supports after the products are finished to make sure the clients can make use of what they deserve.

We believe that having good partnerships with both professional organisations and people enhances our chances to deliver even better services and products. Therefore, it is our preference to work closely with anyone even though they are working in the same business area as ours. We have faith in the concept of sharing and maximising potentials to serve bigger projects. As a result, your partnerships are always welcome.

Code of Conduct

Although the company is looking to make great products and services to gain profits and be able to survive, we have a strong policy toward our position in the business world. We are always excited to be a part of what add values to the society by making people life more comfortable. We believe strongly in family. Therefore giving our contributions to the society has always been and will be our aim.