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September, 2013 | PR Media 360
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Monthly Archive Sunday September 1st, 2013

5+1 Reasons why B2B and Social Media Marketing make sense together

At PR Media 360 we create custom strategies around our clients business needs, that’s why we decided to focus on developing advanced strategies for our B2B clients using Social Media as a propulsion engine for the Digital Marketing Activities.

The common question we get is: “Are you sure Social Media are working for B2B?!” Our answer is “well, yes it does!”, here listed below there are 5 basic reason why Socials matters for B2B companies and why it’s not a B2C prerogative tool:

  1. CREATE AWARENESS – A Social Media strategy is a great companion for a well done SEM long term strategy, the goal is to gain visibility aimed to create relationships with other businesses online, connections that before could remotely happen.
  2. AUTHORITY BUILDING – Social platforms are awesome channels for Authority building, by planning and then sharing fresh professional looking contents like infographics, videos, white papers, webinars and so on something magical can happen… Be the master of your industry!
  3. REAL TIME CUSTOMER SERVICE – At our agency we often experienced this evolution of the social platforms as a communication channel between businesses, Social platforms are in fact awesome real time communication hubs. That requires by the way a proper training and a strategized integration into current Customer Service department.
  4. TRANSACTIONS BOOSTING FACTOR – We also noticed among our B2B clients that within the first period of social activities something moved quiet automatically by increasing in most of case transactions from 20% to 40%.
  5. MEN-POWER – An active social activity mixed with a good online visibility can also work as a pole of attraction for skilled and key professionals, so often for many companies find the right skilled professional for a determined position is a pretty tough task, by having a social position online can absolutely help.

We suggest for every company to start with LinkedIn as we noticed a ratio of Engagement and Conversion almost 300% higher than Facebook and Twitter activities; LinkedIn is the professional network for excellence, don’t miss it and don’t be blinded by popular platform, in the B2B case professional matters.

EXTRA, INTERNAL SOCIAL SOLUTIONS: Social Enterprises platforms, often called social business, can give a fresh new way to employers to connect fast and easily cooperate in the work processes, platforms like Yammer or customized WordPress solutions can give awesome results and increasing the level of work accuracy cutting costs and time.