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Web tools for huge product database website.


Handling a website with big product database can be very challenging especially if there are changes with product specification coming frequently. The web administrator, required to understand HTML, have to spend a large amount proportions of his/her working hours to take care of them.

Ordinary Website Management Process

The concept of this tool is to separate the website management into 2 parts, web design and data management. The web design part consists of a small number of templates shared among product pages. The job of having to management hundreds of web pages is reduced to only 10 – 20 templates, ready to fill with data from the other part. The data management part, on the other hand, is by a simple web forms, which can be managed by non-IT staffs.

Data Management and Template System

The system allows web administrators to easily take care of the website full of rapid-changing data while reducing the cost of data management.

Although it is suitable for all types of products, the system is specifically useful for automotive website. Having so many categories for their specification, the vehicle database can easily

be managed. The majority of maintain jobs, updating vehicle details, can be handled by a non-IT staff while the web developer can focus on designing templates to make the website look beautiful.

Data Management and Template System

The example of this system is the WordPress plug-in for Land Rover website. The system is integrated smoothly with one of the most famous web platform allowing the web manager to work on the look-and-feel rather than having to spend almost the whole working hour changing HTML codes for each page. This plug-in, developed by PR Media 360, can fit into any types of products, not only for vehicle database and can be the answer for any sizes of businesses.


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