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Online PR Media in 2015


In 2015, online marketing world has changed a lot. There are various types of media for online marketers to select for their clients. Some of the media are used directly as it is initially designed. However, some have been transformed into the usages that users find more convenient.

  1. Facebook

    In 2015, Facebook becomes a customer service panel. People prefer talking to personal messages, post to wall or comments on page posts than getting helps from emails. This will not only allow customer service staffs to solve the problem directly, but also open the chances to keep them engaged with the brand. Likeable posts and answers are the key of success for this platforms which will also include just-in-time mentalities.

  2. Instagram

    In 2015, IG is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce. Since the platform is mostly opened especially from famous users to engage with them, some people use the opportunity to announce their products. In this case, images do say thousands of words.

  3. Website

    While some of the brands deny to have a website of its own, the channel does play important roles for creditability, visibilities and passive customer services. Brands with websites ensure people the existence of the brand, which may lead to the beginning of business conversation. Moreover, gaining visibility from the search engine means the PR is done passively. With good website structure, search engines will be allowed to index and provide the website as one of their search results, which will lead to more visitors. Finally, for people who prefer looking up themselves, having relevant information on the website reduces the load from customer service side.

  4. Line

    Line especially in Asia becomes the most preferable communication platform. People from every age range feel comfortable picking up their mobile phone, chat, send images or share interesting stories on either their timeline or their group. Adopting the platform will open the gate for more customers to engage with the brand. Furthermore, the application like Line@ allows multiple users to join the same conversations as the brand representative.

Choosing the right media at the right time always be the key to engage with your current and new customers. Do it wisely!


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