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Instagram vs Vine: The video clips war has begun!


On June 20th 2013 Facebook announced Instagram videos to compete directly with Twitter’s Vine on the short video clips creation and share… so what’s the main difference between Instagram video functionality and Vine? what’s the aftermath on Vine side? let’s analyse all the differences and let’s try to proclaim a winner in this clash of short clips titans:

Vine Sooting UIInstagram Video UI


Instagram: 15 Seconds
Vine: 6 Seconds
Vine’s limitations of time are completely blown away with the 15″ of Instagram, new possibilities and solutions are now available for normal users and of course for marketers.


Another winning point for Instagram videos is the possibility to add filters and frames to the videos with the same process used for photo filters, Vine on its side has not yet developed any filters option and is still light years away on this particular feature.


For the Video taking process Vine offers still a better solution, tap anywhere is much more user friendly than the press the button solution developed by Instagram.


Both Apps allow you to use both front and rear cameras but what’s different is the way the camera is used, Instagram created a very clever image stabilization option called Cinema Feature which aims to create professional looking videos fixing the shaky Vine’s ones. On both sides there is no possibility yet to import videos… that’s a huge miss from both platforms


There are many differences on this point, Instagram seems to have some jobs to do on performances and desktop visualisation, Vine is still the only app that let video loop and render a fast auto play on their stream, so the viewer experience is still slightly bette on Twitter’s product.


Instagram: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Geolocation and Mail
Vine: Facebook, Twitter, Geolocation and Embed


Not yet sure those 2 platforms are the right one for you? let’s see some Instagram Video and Vines alternatives:

  1. Viddy: 30 seconds videos processing, possibility to add videos from camera roll, possibly the best alternative.
  2. Klip: 1 minute clips with the possibility of import videos from camera roll and youtube, 11 nice filters to add.
  3. Mobil: Similar to Instagram, pictures and clips share with the possibility to add filters.
  4. GifBoom: hey guys, gifs are still alive…
  5. SocialCam: popular in some countries it’s still a decent solution specially on the share side.


Bad news for Vine, Instagram developed a good alternative way of sharing short videos within their pictures share platform, that will surely give a break to the growth of Vine that anyway will continue to keep and attract a large number of users and won’t die under Instagram hits at least not in a short period of time, so what’s the next step? For Vine surely a huge update is needed… and by the way let’s remember that we are talking about Facebook and Twitter, the battle is just begun!


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