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A Google Reader Farewell and 6 valid alternatives


Once again Google is ready to shut down one of their products, but this time it’s not a niche one that most of users neither listened of it before but we are talking about one of their oldest and most used online tool: Google Reader.

On July 1st the famous RSS reader will leave his loyal users without a powerful tool for everyday update and custom news management, which are now the best alternatives to Google Reader? Let’s make the point and be ready to move on guys!

  1. Flipboard: Actually for those like me that are using Google Reader RSS feeds for most of the times on Flipboard things won’t change at all, in fact if you log-in with your Google account before July 1st things will be saved there forever and you won’t have to change your habits, isn’t that’s priceless?!

    For those who will be late Flipboard represent still a valid alternative to Reader, the News are displayed in a very elegant and well organised way, for most this is the best daily update and news reader solution.One of the bad part of Flipboard is that is not reachable through desktop yet, it’s limited on Mobile and Tablet only.

  2. Feedly: Another good replacement tool is Feedly, it improved a lot during the years, specially after the news spread by Google, now it’s possible to import Google’s feed and keep it on the platform forever. Personally I am not very fascinated by their displayed graphic but the fact that it’s visible on every platform, mobile and desktop, makes Feedly one of the most powerful RSS readers available, in fact just during June 2013 the user base tripled and reached 12 Million active users.
  3. Digg Reader: This tool is born just because of the Google’s decision to kill Reader, actually is a very young application that could anyway understand and properly replace Google’s news reader soul and fix a couple of limitations on the platform. In my point of view it came out a bit late giving the possibility to other platform to catch the migrating users earlier but it’s still a good alternative which is also interesting to follow up and see how will be improved for the near future.
  4. AOL Reader: AOL? For real? well yes. It’s been a while since I even thought about AOL but they are here once again this time thanks to Google’s internal decisions… the reader is pretty similar conceptually to Google’s one, there are some good options on the visualisation side. Not very exciting but still a decent RSS reader.
  5. Curata: Not exactly An alternative for everyone, Curata is a good solutions for professionals and journalists, I often described this application as a RSS Manager than a RSS reader because of its powerful filters. If Feeds are serious thing for your job give Curata a try.
  6. MultiPLX: Maybe the newest service available, surely one of the most interesting. It borrowed Pinterest concept and graphic to be adapted on RSS news feeds, for now in beta version it’s an interesting reality specially on the social part and environment.

Google’s decision to shut down Reader created a lot of enthusiasm around RSS and many new products born just to fulfil the space left, was that a good idea to close a useful service as Reader? I really don’t think so, there is a huge users base that from one day to another will have to switch to a new platform, the 6 alternatives above should be very thankful to whoever made this hasty decision at Google.


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